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About Carmen

My name is Carmen Turner and it is an honor to announce my candidacy for the FORT BEND COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR office. As a Democrat it is my civic duty to INFORM, EMPOWER, AND INNOVATE the great citizens of FORT BEND COUNTY especially as it relates to creating awareness of the resources in tax collection. I am the oldest of six children born in Bryan, Texas but raised in Houston, Texas. I am a mother and business owner, so I am no stranger to knowing what it means to take the lead on key initiatives.


Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Psychology from the University of Houston. I currently hold an Associate of Arts in Business from Houston Community College, and I am a licensed State Farm agent. I have been in business of my own for the last 35 years, 15 of those years included experience in residential and commercial real estate.


My goal and civic duty is to inform, empower, and innovate while being committed to transparency. I plan to efficiently provide a fair approach to addressing concerns, giving priority to ensuringresidents of Fort Bend County are informed and empowered. I will ensure that residents are aware and equipped with the toolsneeded to adequately meet tax obligations.

Under My Leadership We Will:

  • Enforce a well trained staff and provide necessary resources needed

  • Provide excellent customer services & in a timely manner

  • Propose a diverse and well qualified workforce that upholds our communities goals and protect its values

  • Accurately Access Real Estate & Personal Property

  • Partner with public school systems, cities, & special districts to systematically collect jurisdictions' taxes

  • Decrease Property Taxes

  • Re-evaluate homes in low-income areas

The "WHY" Behind What I Do

My personal mission has remained the same over the years and now it has evolved into a larger scale and the vast opportunity to help more people. One of my passions is working with The Texas Workforce’s re-entry program. Working with this foundation has broadened my senses and willingness to help others. What better way to begin than to start within my own community? Through my partnership with SER – Jobs of Houston, a non-profit organization, I currently operate a commercial trucking company that supports other non-profit organizations who specialize in career development. Just last year we placed over 100 men and women in productive careers with minimal recidivism. This program also allows for student and/or instructor coaching to grow within their family and the community, along with instructional design and delivery.

The Smith & Turner Foundation

The Smith & Turner Foundation was founded on the principles of family, faith, and forgiveness. The inspiration for the foundation is the Smith family matriarch Mary Turner and patriarch Gordon Smith. The Smith & Turner Foundation is aimed at providing transitional support and services to the community. This foundation focuses on the 3 initiatives: International CDL Trucking, Smith & Turner "Your" Safe Haven, and The Academy of Life Learning Skills. These three initiatives provide support, strength, and sustainability for those seeking a second chance in society.

Innovation and efficiency are the methods used to support teens with disabilities, recovering addicts, and individuals re-entering the workforce after incarceration. The unconventional approach to recruitment, education, communication, and job placement help to ensure that clients get the opportunities that they deserve.